Open Beta for the new writing app?

Just a quick question …
Are you planning to run an open beta for the new writing-app later this year?

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+1 on this one… i sent an email asking back in December and still nothing… it looks the perfect blend between ulysses and scrivener that i have been waiting for. and not even a few leaks to know what it looks like or functions …

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From posts here there is indications there is actually a beta going on. Those doing it are surely under obligation of non disclosure.


Even Mark Gurman from Bloomberg is atypically silent.

Yes, the concept, as described in the announcement, reads very promissing. If there is no way to beta the new app before the release later this year, it’s fine for me, too. I can wait. :slight_smile: I was just wondering, if there is a public run before the final release.

As @rms said, there is a private beta in progress. We have nothing further to announce at this time.

Once the product is released, I’d expect our usual 30-day trial will be available.

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Okay, thank you for the feedback.