Open Layout Manager with one click

I want to be able to open the Layout Manager with one click on the layouts button in the Main Toolbar.

Currently, when I click on the button, it opens a submenu containing only one item. None of the saved layouts show in that menu, which makes that menu unnecessary.

Clicking on the button should open the Layout Manager window, and clicking on the button’s arrow should offer a dropdown menu with the saved layouts.


On the Mac, you can easily make a keyboard shortcut for ANY menu item. Can’t you do that on Windows?

Keyboard shortcuts are not button clicks, which is what the OP asked for.

Function keys are button clicks. Can’t they can be the shortcuts?

Are they on the main toolbar, Bob?

No, but they’re on the keyboard and it’s an available solution. Adding a button is not.

Now that I’ve gone and played with it, you should probably raise this as a bug in the Windows Beta forum. The Mac version works the way you describe you want it to, but the Windows beta works according to the “current” behavior.

Do you not know about customizing the toolbar?

I certainly do, but that only works if the shortcut icon exists. Does this one? If so, mea culpa. I should have checked. The OP put it on the Wish List, so I assumed it doesn’t exist.

In general, I think there’s a balance to be found between keyboard shortcuts and toolbar icons.

Yes, it exists, but not in the default set. The icon exists to add, though, with the attached triangle pullout.

On the Mac, when you click on the icon it directly opens up the Layout Manager. If you click on the triangle, you get the flyout menu of the various layouts – the same behavior you’d get selecting it via the menus.

On the Windows beta, when you click on the icon directly nothing happens. You have to click on the triangle, and then you get the flyout menu but no layouts – the only entry is the one to open the Layout Manager. So it’s a two-step process that clearly is not working as intended – which is why I think it should be a bug, not a Wish List item (just getting the Windows behavior in step with the Mac when all the wiring is clearly there.)

Thanks, Devin, I’ll do just that.

Already noted here: [url]Suggestion: Built-In Layouts should be shown on Layout menu of View button by default - #5 by AmberV]

Agreed. If behavior doesn’t match the Mac, it’s a bug unless it can’t be done.

Hey, learned something new. Thanks, Jestar!