open link in new window?

Sorry if I’ve missed this one, but didn’t find it in any search. I tried using the contextual menu item, “open link in new window,” and it seems to do nothing. I was wondering if it was a leftover from SG when you had seperate window views? It would be nice to be able to view web linked pages directly in Scr. and not have to jump back and forth to my browser. For instance, I’m researching anatomical information for a project. I have the home page for Gray’s anatomy loaded into Scr. and am clicking around on links to check out body parts! Quite fun, actually. :slight_smile: So this is how it came up.

I understand if this is not (or no longer) possible. But since the menu item was there, I thought it should probably do something. :slight_smile:


PS Perhaps there’s a way to view it in split view? Have the main page open and linked pages show up in the split? Don’t know if that is possible. It sounds complicated. Or maybe this is possible and I’m just missing it (entirely possible!).

I am not positive about “open in a new window,” I actually do not even see that option. But the ability to open links in the opposing split was added in b2. You’ll have to set a preference in “General,” second from the top “Open Scrivener Links in a different view.”

Sorry I wasn’t clear. Yes, there is an option in preferences for opening ‘Scrivener links’ in a different view, but not URLs (web links). I’m talking here about web links, links to sites on the web, not Scrivener links.

I have the option ‘open in a new window’ in my contextual menu when I click on a web link in an html page. On most links, that is. Some don’t offer this. But most do. When I use it, nothing happens.

Oops, this contextual menu shouldn’t even be there. It’s just provided by default by the WebView, but it doesn’t seem to do anything, you are right. So, I’ve got rid of it for beta 3.