Open multiple windows with Scrivener

I’m very new to Scrivener and just about to set up my first novel project in German.
I have a question:
Can I use Scrivener on multiple Screens? I’d like to open the research in a different screen. And I was wondering if I should prepare for this by putting all my research in a differnet .scriv-file and open Scrivener two times - once with my draft and once with my research,

Or is there a less complicated way to do it within a single .scriv-file?


For the former method you need only open a second scrivener project and viola you have two projects open in separate windows. This works with the current beta and the current release version (1.9.X).

For the latter method, if you want two windows open you can do it from the same project. You need only open a quick reference window which you can accomplish by right-clicking on the binder item you want and select Open>As Quick Reference. The item will then appear in a floating window which you can move between screens with ease.

Unfortunately I can’t open the same project twice, just two different ones at the same time.

And the “open as” dialogue doesn’t have a quick reference option. I work on a windows computer. Am I blind or is there no such option?

Thank you!

You wanted to open the same project twice? Not possible. You may load it only once. You could load your research and your story into separate projects, which is what I thought you were asking.

My mistake Quick Reference only seems to work with the beta version. It’s available to download here in the forum, it’s feature complete and nearing final release. I haven’t had any major problems with it, but, full disclosure, beta software is for use at your own risk.

Alternatively you could split the editor and stretch Scrivener across both screens.

Cool, thanks for your help!

Hi Thesi
Here I have two projects open side-by-side (Version: Beta (909024) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2020).

You could have a new project on one side complete with your full research folder, and the current project you are working on open on the other side.

What I do is have both research folders open at the same time and copy between the two as needed or simply have one open eg the one on the left, and continue with my current project eg the one on the right.

I have two large screen monitors - this screenshot shows two projects but I actually have a third open on the other monitor.

No reason, just having some fun seeing what Scrivener can do for me on Windows :wink:

Hope this helps.