Open NEW PROJECT in Second Editor?

Hello all!

I am using the latest (non-beta) version of Scrivener for Windows and am working on a manual for a tabletop Fantasy RPG. I know that I can split the editor in two and open different documents from within the current project within each editor. But what I would like to do is open a NEW PROJECT in the second editor window, if possible. What I want to do is write a set of quick reference rules, condensing down the rather long ruleset into a handy reference guide. To do this, I will need to reference the full rulebook that I am currently writing.

So, is there any way to open a NEW PROJECT (not a new page or document) in the second editor window? This is going to be it’s own book, not a part of the same project/book. I know I can open two instances of Scrivener, but it would be great if I could just have the second project open in the second editor so I could reference the full rulebook and easily copy/paste from it if I wanted to.


No, you can’t keep two projects separate and still open one in the other editor.

Really, the only way to do it (use an editor split for reference) is to import files from the other project, but those will not change to reflect the original if it’s still changing.

Thanks. I’ll just open two instances of Scrivener, then. I appreciate the reply.

Just as a thought for you: you can have to related works in the same project, especially something like a rules reference + the full rules manual, and tell Scrivener to compile one or the other. You just put the drafts of both works in sub-folders of the Draft/Manuscript folder, and then at compile time, you make one or the other sub-folder the compile “target”.

I’m sure it’s easier to keep it all separate, but in case you weren’t aware, people writing book series sometimes combine all their books into one project to keep reference materials together with all the books.

Good luck with your project!

Thanks, RDALE. Yep. I was aware, but needed the reminder. I currently have a ton of folders, but I can easily make this work. Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: