After a few hours of use I allready have my first wish :slight_smile: It would be great if I could import open-office.-documents. Scrivener can import doc so odt should be comparably simple :wink:

Also Word costs a lot of money while Open Office is course free - so people would be able to buy more scriveners… Well, not the best reason and I admit, that I can simply save odt as doc. But still a lot of users might prefer Open Office (or Neo Office) and be happy to import seamlessly without resaving files.

Moderator Note: I’ve moved this to its own topic in the Windows Feedback forum. You had it tacked on to a six year old post in the Mac forum. :slight_smile:

Here’s something that might help:

Yeah, it would be nice if we could import them. It’s a bit of a pain to copy/paste or export as rtf/doc. (Although doc importing doesn’t always work for me under Linux.)

This just came up in the Wish List forum as well: [url]]

That being said, I thought it worked in an earlier version. I have LibreOffice and installed on my computer here at work, and all I got was a link to the document. The .odt format isn’t listed as a possible import format, either.

Can you not save your Libre/Open_Office work in another format like word or rtf, and then import it?