Open one specific project by default

I saw this post from 4 years ago: Open specific project by defaut?, but it doesn’t quite answer what I’m looking for. I have one main project of Scrivener that I work on all the time, and I would like Scrivener to always open that project when I start the program. The problem is that when I have worked on a secondary project, Scrivener then opens that project instead. This leads me to not use Scrivener for other projects except for my main one, so how can I change the setting to always open one specific project, no matter on what I have previously worked on? Is there a setting for that?

Scrivener will open whatever project(s) you had open last.

What if you create a desktop shortcut to your preferred project, and use that to launch Scrivener?

I could do that, I’ve done it before, but I have all the applications I use most in the bottom toolbar (like Scrivener), so that I can access them quickly even if I have a lot of windows open and because I have my desktop full of files. And in that toolbar I can’t put a shortcut for my project, can I?


If you right-click Scrivener’s icon in your taskbar, you’ll see a list of recent projects. (A Windows feature.)
You may pin a project so that it’ll remain at the top of the list.
That’d be just one extra click to get you what you want.

Else, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to your project.


I don’t know about Windows, but on the Mac you can simply drag individual files to the Dock to create shortcuts to them. Put the file on the right-hand end, after the vertical bar.

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I think with Windows, you can’t pin files or folders to the task bar directly, but you can pin project .scrivx files to Scrivener’s icon, which will then always show up at the top of the right-click menu on Scrivener’s icon. This can be done by dragging the .scrivx to task bar, and as you do so you’ll see the help text state that it will be pinned to Scrivener, adding its icon to the pin area, if necessary.

So it’s an extra click, but you can always launch Scrivener with the project you want to work on, that way.

Another tip: how you close Scrivener can matter. It could be that using the File ▸ Exit menu command will work better for you, as it sounds from your description like you might be closing each project window individually. In that case, yeah, the setting to reopen projects on next launch would only see whatever the last project window was. “Exit” on the other hand, with multiple project windows left open, should bring them all back.