'open recent' dropdown

On my laptop, the ‘open recent’ dropdown menu on the opening template window suddenly has no files in it, and though I continue to open scrivener files from the Mac finder, it remains empty. My desktop has no such problem. Fix ideas? Thanks.

First thing I would check is your setting in Apple > System Preferences > General > Recent Items to see if this hasn’t somehow gotten set to ‘None’.


P.S. I don’t think Scriv directly controls the contents of the Open Recents… menu. Populating that submenu is done via a service provided by the OS.

No, it doesn’t. That menu is entirely under the control of Mac OS.


If the setting is already a number that is not “None” and the setting is stuck, what is required to get it unstuck is simply to adjust the preference to any number, and then to reset it to the number required. (Or possibly even just looking at the System Preferences page or clicking on the number in its window will be sufficient to do the unsticking!) BTW, when this System Preference was spontaneously reset on my Mac, I seem to remember that the trigger was an operating-system update.

The other thing to check is that you’re not scheduling a regular run of a tools app like Onyx, which has an optional setting under Cleaning to ‘clear Recent Items cache’.