Opening a Template to Edit It

As will be obvious, I’m a new Scrivener uses - albeit and enthusiastic one.

I saved my first template to the default location - no problem
When I tried to edit it I was unable to open it.
I could find it in my users folder, but when I tried to open it from Scrivener I was told it wasn’t a Scrivener file.

Hmm. Any suggestions? I couldn’t find anything in the manual or these forums addressing this.

I’d do that by creating a new project using the template to be edited (which should appear in the menu if it’s saved in the right place), then doing a “Save as Template” again when the changes are complete.

Thanks. Seems crude, but I guess it will work. The manual implies that it should be directly editable, but perhaps that’s aimed at the Mac folks.

This is how templates work for both Mac and Windows. The templates are just starter projects, so to edit them, create a new project from the template, make the changes, and Save As Template again using the same name to update the file as ellarien said. You can delete the project then if you wish, or use it as the base for a new project with that template.

Can you point me to where the manual implies a template should be edited directly, so I can fix that?

on p.50 the first sentence led me to believe I could open the template. I can now see that it could have meant to start a new project, but I suggest the wording could be clearer. Here’s the text that led me to think I just opened the template:

Updating Templates
To update a template which has already been saved, follow the above instructions to open
it without substituting the placeholders, make any changes you wish, and then choose
FileSave As Template…

Yes that line was a little ambiguous (as well as a line toward the end of that section). I have fixed these up for the next revision. Thanks!