"Opening and ending tag mismatch"

I have successfully published to .ePub, but when I look at it in “Books” in my iPad, I get an error that I cannot eliminate, even though I have eliminated the section where it first appears. No matter which or how many sections I remove from the compile, somewhere within the first few pages I get a big pink box with this error: "this page contains the follow errors: “error on line 24 at column 8: Opening and ending tag mismatch: of line 0 and body. Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.”

However, the page seems to render beautifully, resizes beautifully, and no text is missing.

Also, at the end of the ebook the same error appears on the page with the endnotes. But, again, they look and act just as they should.

Thanks for helping
Dave Nance

I found the problem, and solved it.

It was a problem with the first endnote reference, somehow. I deleted that endnote and re-created it. The problem has disappeared.


Dave Nance

Hi. I have the same error. When you refer to the “first endnote sentence”, do you mean the first sentence in the chapter that contains an endnote? Or the first sentence in the entire book that has an endnote?