Opening and using Split Screen

I want to open the split screen mode in Scrivener so that I can have a PDF document of a very detailed outline from my research folder in one pane and my novel in the other. In Scrivener for Windows, I had no problem whatsoever in doing this. Actually, I could convert a Final Draft script to a PDF file and keep it in the right (or left) pane while I worked on converting it to a novel in the other pane. In the iPad version I have absolutely no idea on how to even open the split screen mode … not to mention importing a PDF file to one of the panes! There is some mention of getting help in the “Quick Reference” section … but I can’t even find that. Can anyone help, please?

There is no split screen within iOS Scrivener, but on an iPad you can use the split screen of iOS, displaying two apps side by side. So you can open your pdf in a pdf-viewer-app on half the screen and Scrivener beside it.

Well, if that’s so, how does Scrivener explain the last line in this paragraph from the Key Concepts topic?

Scrivener projects aren’t only for storing text. Many books and long documents require a great deal of research, and you can import your research documents—images, PDF files, even movie and sound files—directly into Scrivener. So you can easily switch between your writing and a research document.
Scrivener fully supports the iPad’s split screen feature, so that you can refer to information in other applications while you write. Just drag inwards from the right edge of the screen and select another app to open alongside Scrivener.
Not only that: on an iPad, you can also view two documents alongside one another inside Scrivener, using the Quick Referenced feature.

This Split Screen feature is why I bought the app in the first place.

Never mind! All’s well! It can be done. I just figured it out. Everything fell into place when I finally found out where Quick Reference was. Here’s how to find it (assuming you’re trying to find it like I was): The PDF file that I wanted to open in one of the panes of the split screen was in my Research folder. I swiped it to the left and, even though the box for MORE was shaded gray … looking like it wasn’t hot (in contrast the MOVE button was blue), it actually was hot and when I pressed it … voilà! … there was Quick Reference.