Opening same file on two different PCs and issue with saving

Two things:

  1. When I create a new Scapple document on my desktop pc (Windows XP) then open it on my laptop (Windows 7), the notes are smaller in size which results in some characters wrapping around in an awkward way, (see below). I’m using the same font and default size on both machines. Making the font size bigger or smaller does not fix things. The text size does change but the words don’t straighten themselves out. Also as previously reported in another post, the note border doesn’t automatically resize to fit the text. :frowning:

  2. If you close Scapple, it doesn’t prompt you to save changes - it just goes ahead and saves the file. That sounds ok, but if you don’t want the changes saving you are stuck with them. This can easily happen when opening a file from within Scrivener just to view it. Annoyingly this happened to me just after I selected the option ‘Connect all notes’. I closed Scapple thinking I would be asked if I wanted to '‘Save changes Y/N’. :frowning:

13 Dec 2013: this post was edited to further clarify second point about saving.