Opening the document form of a folder

Hello, is there a reliable way to open the text document OF a folder? For example, I have a folder named Seventh Fleet, and two folders inside of it named Battle Group Echo and Battle Group Golf. I want to open the text document for Seventh Fleet so that I can type in some general information about the fleet. However, when I double click on the Seventh Fleet folder, it opens the text document for Battle Group Golf. When there are no subfolders within the folder, the text document opens fine, but once there are other folders inside it screws everything up.

I’ve managed to do it so I know its possible, but it’s taken a lot of backing out of the folder and clicking back into it over and over until I get lucky and it recognizes what I’m trying to do. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks.

It is a setting in the options.
Under files and folders, I think. (I’m away from my computer)
You want the folder to display its own content.

I did not find this option there. The only options I have here in the Folders and Files Behaviours are:

  • Treat all documents with subdocuments as folders
  • Include enclosing folder text in scrivenings mode
  • Show folder text when selected from search results

By default, the first one was off and the second and third were checked on, and no combination of options I used seemed to work.

And you can’t see the editor text for your folders ?

What if you select one of your folders that has sub-document(s) in it from the binder, and click once or twice on this icon ? :

Why double click?
Where ? (Certainly you don’t mean in the binder, right? The binder requires only a single click. Double click = rename file.)

We can’t see the structure of your project. Could you post a screenshot to help us understand where you are and what you want to do? I’ll check your trust level to make sure you can.

Specifically to how folders work when you click on them:

  1. They always use the current group view mode for the current editor split you are loading them into.

    (There is one exception, and that is if you hard lock a group to use a preferred view mode; useful if you always want the Outliner for one section, for example, but generally prefer the corkboard for the rest.)

    There are no settings that change the above.

  2. The current group view mode can in fact be essentially off, which would then be showing you folder text for every folder you click on. To turn a view mode off, just select the view mode you are using again. It works like a toggle.

  3. Lastly, the Navigate ▸ Go To ▸ Selection menu command always loads an item as text. However this command, unlike toggling corkboard (or whatever) off, does not change the view mode. It is thus the ideal shortcut to memorise if you only want to see folder text now and then as a specific task rather than always. Toggling the view mode will be better if you just have a general preference or want to work a certain way for a while.

Grouped text items are another matter. They always load as a regular text item by default. That option referred to above, to make them work like folders, causes all of the above notes to apply to them, and thus makes the software more consistent in how it works when you click on groups of things.

Thus another thing you might consider doing is changing a folder to a text item, so that you get that kind of action from it, if that is how you always want to interface with that particular group, and not the others.

So there are a lot of options here to provide maximum flexibility.

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