Opinion on latest Windows Beta

Not impressed with the recent Windows Beta release. It seems a step backwards. Operations hang up, files get lost, and my computer is locked up for too long while Scrivener figures out what to do. The last Beta was much better, much smoother. All while importing text .rtf files. All of these problems were smoothed out in the last Beta, only to return.

Maybe because it’s a beta, eh?

Provided for free on top of it.

I personally am very, very happy to be able to try and get used to software so early. Don’t like it? Get the stable version. And to insinuate (in the other thread) that Scrivener is expensive is ridiculous. It is one of the cheapest pieces of software from its kind.

If a Beta was not marked as a Beta then it would not have been a Beta as is implied when downloaded than said product wouldn’t be such for than it was a misnomer.

Personally if you downloaded the said product and never went to the forum talking about what was lacking in the Beta you are missing a wealth of info concerning where the product stands now. And if you did read it but chose to ignore what others have said as with the statement provided concerning it that is not the fault of the developer.

Also I would have advised that your review have been placed alongside the others who have made the same notation about certain features lacking.

It’s a beta. Beta versions always have problems. For me, the current beta ( ) is relatively reliable; reliable enough that I use it in preference to the prior version (1.9.x). It DOES have some issues.

If you’re having issues with the Beta, there’s this wonderful place to post about your problems: the forum for the Windows Beta. You’ll find it here: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=57.

Users of the Beta should post about the issues they find, because there’s this thing about programmers: they’re not psychic. They don’t necessarily know what issues you’re having on your hardware, on your OS, under the conditions present on your machine. They know what happens on their machine, their OS.

So post about your experiences with the beta. In the Beta Forum. So the programmer(s) can make the needed changes.

Please move my opinion to the Window Beta box.

Thread moved at poster’s request. – Katherine

Personally, I have no problems with the current beta.
Now, that may be because I have unconsciously learned to work within its limits, but those limits don’t seem very limiting.

I’m eagerly waiting for the production release, I’m sure it will be delightful.
Until then, I’m happy with what I have.

Some operations do hang Scrivener. Select All in the Binder will eventually resolve, but it hangs all Scrivener instances. Duplicate will hang Scrivener, and it does not resolve to my knowledge. Both of those have been reported. There may be others. The Duplicate issue is reportedly fixed in the next Beta iteration.

Files get lost?
Kind curious how you managed that; I’ve got some huge projects in the Beta, and so far as I know (which is suspect, of course, with huge projects), I haven’t lost any files.

I hesitate to post anything here. Folks seem to think if you use a $$ to avoid using as, as in the context of a$$ vs ass, I’m making some damned hidden commentary on the cost of Scrivener. Nuts to that. I’ve got a problem with something I’ll damned well speak mind. I don’t do passive - aggressive. I’m just grouchy and aggressive. Clear?

The dictation file I was importing, a .rtf format, disappeared from existence when Scrivener crashed. I duplicate the Dragon text files into Notepad and save the .rtf for safety. Luckily, the original Dragon file was still on my hard drive, because the Notepad file was munched. Wasn’t real happy about that.
Thanks for the straight-forward approach, Rw. Appreciate that.

Do you think the crash was caused by the import?

That does sound like a flaw in the import procedure (not my specialty, though; I can be wrong). No program should be opening an import file for writing; just for reading. Import should just read the RTF into memory and save it in the project. The original import file should remain unaltered. (Principle of least surprise) Even during a crash, then, the original file would remain untouched (though Windows might think it still in use; I’ve seen that happen in various word processors).

Did you successfully import the RTF file later?