OPML: Tinderbox -> Scrivener

Hi, this got asked about on the Tinderbox forums, so I knocked up a little demo: http://shoantel.clarify-it.com/d/63vggj

Hope that helps. I’m more familiar with the Tinderbox end of things so if the Scrivener side needs more description, do let me know.


Yes, thank you!

Updated the above demo again (same URL) to reflect options in Scrivener preferences.

Note re the Scrivener manual. It’s not self-evident, to the non-techie user, that OPML import isn’t normal import (e.g. via File menu or via drag onto the app window/dock icon. More specifically OPML import is only via drag-drop and then only onto the Binder section of the window. I think for the general user the manual would benefit from clarifying the ‘how’ of OPML import.

Actually, it seems there is a small bug in the latest version of Scrivener – see Keith’s explanation here:


mwra – Very useful resource – thank you.


Ah, that’s useful. Thanks. i’ll go re-mix the demo.

Even with import enabled via the file menu - indeed even more so - it would still help the new user if the manual explained where new data is inserted. After trial and error tests I’d still not confident to give advice to others. Doesn’t matter if that extra info, applying to various import formats, is elsewhere in the manual as long as it’s linked to from the OPML section (as it’s fair to expect a newbie user to read the latter, before complaining to Support that the feature doesn’t work). Dev features undocumented == dev effort wasted.

Tutorial now updated to cover the drag/drop issue and extra Preference settings required. Same URL (http://bit.ly/OCxH5y).

Thanks, this is very handy and reflects my workflow. It has always seemed to me that TB is great for planning/brainstorming while Scrivener is great for getting the words down.