Optical illusion figures

so that’s a toucan? What about when it’s a gnome? You spin it 180 degrees? So the overall shape is the same (albeit reversed) but the markings are of a gnome?

I would have been quite amused to see a photo of you pissed though!

don`t go down that road Pink :open_mouth:

Thinking now, it’s probably not a toucan. :blush: Either way, whatever the bird, if you look at the eyes of the bird, they’re also the eyes of the gnome. Look to the back of the birds head and you can see his beard. The tail of the bird are the gnomes feet and it will stand on those so altering the angle and view. The birds beak becomes his hat.


Oh foolish, foolish girl.


Actually Eldritch

The figurine looks a lot like Pinks latest atavistic avatar incarnation

Oh, he’s sweet! Very clever. Funny how it works both ways, depending on which part of the statue-thing you focus on. If I look at the pointy bit to the right, I see the toucan (his beak), but if I look at the stripy bit slightly further back I see the gnome (with the stripes as his beard). Cute!

Now I want one. Where did you find him?

They are clever. :smiley: I was given a couple and am trying to find out what they are called, so I can find more of the darned things, Siren. It’s hard enough trying to describe them on here, let alone google to try and get an idea. lol.

That one also stands correctly as the gnome, it’s just in the bird stance there.

:open_mouth: You been on the Jamesons again Vic?

I can see the gnome now, although I had to turn my head upside down and put it on my desk first. (That actually didn’t help, but it did clear the crick.)

It’s like those pictures of the old woman/young woman. Or the girls having tea/skull.

Except that it’s 3D.

All I can think of to call it is an ambiguous cognitive illusion

But he looks fine as a gnome in that stance, too. Sitting down, legs out in front of him, leaning back on his hands, and gazing up at the moon. He looks like a little Viking, actually.

yes, I agree he’s a little nordic :slight_smile:


Cheers all. Was just hoping they might be called, something like, ambicognillusions :open_mouth: or something easy to search for.

He might be - let us know if you find a groovy name, because I plan to use it in my next party conversation.


So besides it not looking like a Toucan, or a gnome, I was pretty close on opening description. :open_mouth:

You were spot on. He looks just like a Toucan and a Viking gnome.

er… before Vic comes back… any chance of a shot of the beaver??

Too kind. :smiley:

If I ever do find out what they are called, or where to get them, I shall let you know.

You want to trade? :smiley:

The first Google result for ‘“optical illusion” toucan gnome’ is this thread! Good luck with your search :slight_smile: