Optical illusion figures

Totally off the writing track but I need to ask, before my brain turns to suet pudding. :open_mouth: I was thinking, with all the great minds in this forum, someone might have an idea for my following problem. I have two small figures that are optical illusions. The first, when looked at from one angle seems to be a beaver, (Quiet Vic) from the other angle, a bearded man. Likewise, the second figure is a toucan and a gnome.

Oh, :blush: and the question is, anyone know what they are called?

are they 3D or 2D?

If 2D, then I’d venture that they are lenticular.

If 3D… not sure… Holograms?

Cheers Pink but they are actually figurines, so not images or holograms.

Eldrich O`Man of Kent,

how do you know they arent tourist from a parallel dimension, and arent really there at all :confused:
Have you been down the pub :wink: you have havent y :smiling_imp:

if they are figurines and they have a physical shape, is it that the front has one appearance, and the back the other?

are you sure your not pissed?
I suffer optical illusion quite often. Delusions even, but hey!! they`re from out of a bottle of Jameson :wink:

It is indeed Pink, though they sit at different angles according to which appearance you want to view.

:angry: What sort of man do you take me for? Of course I am. I’ve been pissed since 1986 and I’ve yet to sober up. Perhaps one day, when the world doesn’t seem so… erm… worldly. :open_mouth:

I need a picture, I am clueless otherwise!

You need a picture of Eldritch pissed?

Maybe you’ll want to reconsider that…


hey you !!! ytwo timing tart! Whadda ywant a picture of him for?

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That last remark of mine, was aimed at Flirty Pink and not at you :wink:


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Photo, as requested. Unless as phil suggested, you wanted one of me pissed Pink? :open_mouth:

Afraid it’s not the best quality.