Option to add a question "Do you want to Quit?"

And on the Mac side …

For future Scrivener versions on the Mac side, it would be helpful if an option existed on the Scrivener > Preferences … > General > Automatic Quit screen:

to select whether an added question “Do you want to Quit?” is asked before Scrivener actually starts the process to quit.

My Scrivener project (which includes several smaller projects that I’ve merged together under “Merge All Windows”) is so large at this point that if I accidentally hit Command ⌘-Q, I’m locked into almost 5-7 minutes of time while Scrivener completes the back-up for all the projects I have open.

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Have you looked into Keyboard Maestro? You can fix both of these issues right now with KM.

Thank you popcornflix for the reference.

There is a common phrase “There is an app for that!” that I used to subscribe to. Not anymore …

Each app that is loaded opens up the possibility of more data being collected on the usage habits for users that can be sold and resold into the ether of the cloud to forever peg users on their habits.

Until privacy laws give users the right to control who, what, where and when their private data can be sold and resold, I try to limit where and when I use apps that have uncontrolled and unlimited use of my data.

For anyone interested in knowing just how much data is actually being collected, I would suggest another “app for that” in the form of ‘Little Snitch’ that gives the user an eye on what sites are linked when apps or sites are accessed.

Quite revealing!

Thank you again for the reference … I would prefer that my suggestion for future Scrivener versions to remain as such.

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I’ve used Keyboard Maestro for years without the slightest qualm. It comes enthusiastically recommended by various noted Mac bloggers such as Brett Terpstra, David Sparks (Macsparky,) and Gabe Weatherhead (MacDrifter), the last of whom also recommends Little Snitch. David Sparks is a California lawyer, who no doubt holds a large amount of confidential client information on his computers, while Brett Terpstra is a prolific coder, the author of Marked (among other things). They trust KM, and its developer. I don’t think you need to worry about what Keyboard Maestro is doing. Your choice, but I think you are depriving yourself of a very useful utility. It was upgraded to version 10 today, and on their forums a customer wrote “Keyboard Maestro is the one and only app that I update sight unseen the very day it comes out.” I did the same myself.

Suit yourself, but consider the following:

  • The data policy of KM is extremely user-friendly;
  • L&L is very unlikely to fulfill your request, and if they did, it will be a long time off;
  • as mbbntu mentioned, KM is trusted by folks who mistrust most software.

Just assign a “safe” shortcut in system preferences → keyboard, no third party software needed.


NYT - We Should All Know Less About Each Other.

If for some reason the window-closing shortcut is not reassignable, the shortcut for making a footnote in Scriv sure is.

That said, I do sometimes bungle up and close my project by accident (though for different shortcut reasons). With a sizable project it can be rather a bummer to have to wait for the backup-on-close to finish so one can get on with reopening.

To me it would be too high a price to pay to have the app ask me if I’m sure whenever I closed a project. The bother of the occasional closure is far less than the fiery annoyance I feel when I specifically and intentionally go to do something (non-destructive) and my inanimate device stops and ask me if I’m sure. So, I think I wouldn’t likely be availing myself of such an option.

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Hi gr,

Thank you for your feedback.

One of the amazing aspects of Scrivener is how the software can be adapted to so many types and forms of writing, some big, some small. It is a hallmark of a powerful, yet flexible application such as Scrivener.

I hope that by including a snapshot of the Scrivener > Preferences … > General > Automatic Quit screen in my original posting, I was clear that my suggestion was to have the OPTION to have Scrivener pose the added question “Do you want to Quit?” asked before Scrivener actually starts the process to quit.

The breath of applications that Scrivener can accommodate is simply astounding. And the fact that Scrivener has a very democratic ‘open mike’ wish list available for users to propose enhancements as a way to listen to those users who are pushing the Scrivener envelope is equally astounding. It speaks to Scrivener’s interest in staying ahead of the curve, and to their flexibility in how they implement Scrivener.

I also realize, however, that the ‘open mike’ wish list comes with significant overhead, a requirement that many entities simply cannot absorb, and thus do not offer such user input. User input always involves a balance that can be difficult to maintain.

In my case, my own thick fingers have caused a number of annoying 5-7 minute work stoppages, a situation that I thought perhaps others may also experience, depending on the size and configuration of their particular projects. Hence my posting of the above OPTIONAL suggestion.

Thank you again for your feedback,