Option to allow changing default Untitled Snapshot Title

I would like to suggest an option to allow us to change the default untitled snapshot title. The current snapshot title is something like Untitled (Status), where I don’t see why it would be viable as compared to something like just Status name or Document Title (Status).

The untitled (Status) requires us to change the snapshot title name each time whereas if you allowed changing the Snapshot title manually or if it’s just Status then it would be more useful.

For example, I have Statuses as something like First Draft, Second Draft, Third Draft. When I snapshot a document, it becomes Untitled (First Draft) or Untitled (Second Draft). It would be great if there’s an option to just title it as First Draft or Second Draft in the settings.

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If you wish to name each and every snapshot, then there is a command & shortcut for that already, with Documents ▸ Snapshots ▸ Take Titled Snapshot. We could maybe make that a little better by pre-filling the field with whatever you used last time during the current session, and selecting it so you can easily overtype if you want something else.

Otherwise, the reason for using a common generic label for all “anonymous” snapshots like you are currently creating is so that they can be easily cleaned out at a future date, by searching for “untitled” in the Snapshots Manager. This gives you the optional ability to have tiers of snapshots basically: named one that stick around forever maybe, and untitled or automatically generated snapshots that are periodically flushed to reduce the size of the project and keep the snapshot lists clean.

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The clearing out the untitled snapshots as temporary ones wasn’t something that I considered. Usually, I do not use snapshots for that but for each draft phase. Something that also surprised me was how snapshots are also stored essentially the same as the regular document - I thought it would be some compressed version of the document (which makes sense why it isn’t as text in itself isn’t much storage).

What are the automatically generated snapshots? Are you referring to the ones with sync and conflicts? Also, for in the case of snapshots, sometimes, I just keep the title as untitled rather than renaming it, so the usage of clearing it out is not as useful (as I would like to use it as some sort of revision history).

In use cases concerning Exporting, Syncing, and Saving, Scrivener optionally creates Snapshots. Look in the Settings/Options for switching that feature on.

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