Option to make Status Bar word count visible in "Document/Scrivenings" view also visible in "Corkboard" (and "Outline")

What is this?

I really like that I can see the word count for a document / group of documents / folder in the “Status Bar” bottom of the Document view. In writing fiction I usually group a bunch of “scenes” as sub-documents into a “folder” and call that a chapter. This feature really helps me track a the size of my scenes and chapters … and helps me test how many scenes should be in a chapter in a really efficient and simple way. So useful! I also like that by simply clicking on this word count you get more info and some useful options. Again. So useful and simple.

The request is to add an option (probably off by default) that allows me to get these same stats in the Corkboard (and Outliner) view

Outliner really ? Redundant true, but it you were doing it for Corkboard in this manner then it might fit for Outliner also – honestly not sure on this one.

So why do it for Corkboard?

  1. There’s something so simple about the implementation in the Document view that my eyes immediately go looking for it and want it to be there.
  2. I often flip back to Document/Scrivenings view to get a word count when in Corkboard view – simpler than going to Project->Stats or Outliner View
  3. It makes visible what is not currently visible in Corkboard view eg. Chapter, Section and Act Size

Why Not?
I’m sure there’s plenty of good reasons, user confusion, cost of implementation, lack of need, other approaches to showing word count in card view (of which I’m sure there’s many, and indeed have been discussed before in this forum)

Thankyou, just for all the work the whole team consistently puts in!


  • Windows 11
  • Scrivener 3.1.4

This is already something you can do in the Outliner. Have a look at the View ▸ Outliner Options submenu for the various columns you can add, and §8.3.4, List of Available Columns, in the user manual PDF for descriptions of the various statistics related columns you’ll find. The outliner is a great tool for getting a big picture on such things, even including a progress bar for goal tracking.

As for the corkboard, there isn’t anything like all of this in that view, which is intentionally a good deal simpler than the outliner in what all it can show. We might do some further refinement to it in the future, but it really is intended to use the Outliner view when you need an info dump, and the Corkboard more for focusing on text.