Option to remap home/end keys to beginning/end of line

I love home/end having the Windows functions – namely, beginning/end of line. It would be great if Scrivener created an option to allow it.

I know there are ways to remap the keys system-wide, but often in web pages and other situations the typical beginning/end of document approach works well. It’s in writing applications that beginning/end-of-line is better. So a Scrivener-exclusive option makes sense.

You should look into a tool that allows for a more surgical level of customisation. BetterTouchTool could make it so these keys issue Cmd-LeftArrow and RightArrow instead, only in Scrivener. It’s an overall extremely useful utility anyway that really unlocks the technology Apple provides only very basic access to by default.

As a native macOS program, we’re not looking to adopting Windows keyboard shortcut standards, even as options. It’s generally best to just get used to the native Mac mechanisms that are used by all programs on a Mac (that aren’t bad ports anyway). As far as I know (someone with more Windows experience will surely correct me otherwise), with regards to this stuff the Mac is actually a bit more powerful than the PC when it comes to moving text views around and the cursor within them. For example Home/End and PgUp/Down on a Mac do not move the cursor, allowing for passive reading where you can instantly return to where you were by hitting Cmd-J or moving the cursor with the arrow keys. The Cmd-Arrow keys simulate the Home/End + Ctrl-Home/End shortcuts on Windows.

Excellent points, thanks. And thanks for the BTT suggestion – hadn’t heard of that.