Options Window Not Shrinking

For some reason my File>Options menu window is too long or something for my computer screen. But I can’t grab it at the top and pull it down to make the window shorter either - it just shrinks down below my task bar quickly and I can’t see it anymore or access it at all.
Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do? Cause I can’t click “Okay” or “Apply” to any of my saved preferences.
A fix for this would be great, thanks in advance.

Other posters have mentioned this on laptops with small displays and/or low resolution displays and/or high scaling % in use.

Can you increase your resolution or decrease your scaling temporarily so that the Options panel fits within your display?


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You can also try using the System menu that just about every window has. Open File/Options, then press Alt-Space to activate the System menu (even if you cannot see it or all of it). If you then press M, you can use your arrow keys to Move the window up, down, left, or right. If you press S, you can use your arrow keys to Size the window.

Press Enter when you are done moving or sizing.

BTW, the System menu can be activated with the mouse under normal conditions by clicking the far left side of the window’s title bar if it is showing a title bar. Alt-Space is the default Windows keystroke to open the System menu.

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After some fenagling I resized all text on my laptop and then the window fit and I was able to press the buttons.
Thank you!
This is definitely something I hope they update in the future though so that the windows all scale correctly to the text size and resolution of different laptops.

Thank you so much for the tip about moving the window with the arrow keys! It worked only while pressing the keys, but soon as I pressed escape or enter or moved my mouse it shot back to the middle of the screen and the buttons were once again inaccessible.
When I pressed S to resize the window it must have been already at the smallest it could be because it could get bigger, but not smaller.


It’s tricky. When you’re done moving it with the arrows, press enter. Pressing anything else makes the window pop back to where it started. I frequently forget to do that, so end up having to do it twice! But glad u got it figured out!

Yeah, even with pressing Enter it still didn’t work :confused:
Guess they’ll just have to update this in a future update

If you are referring to Scrivener watching the DPI and size of the monitor it is running on, I might agree with you, but that can be a complex task and I know nothing about Qt, so it may or may not be something L&L can tackle.

But if you are referring to the Alt-Space behavior, that is not in L&L’s hands unless they attempt to remap that keystroke and play nicely with other apps that may have tried to also remap that keystroke. Once Alt-Space has been hit under normal conditions, I believe control has passed to the Desktop Window Manager (DWM) of the OS and is out of the control of the application until you press Enter or Esc.