Ordering Scrivener w/o licensing the trial version?

I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener for Windows and like it. However, now that I want to buy the program, I want to use an Amazon gift card that I already have. (So I don’t want to just buy the trial version.)

My question is: Do I need to save and export my work, eliminate the program and THEN buy it from Amazon? Or will the download from Amazon contain a key that I can use to make my trial version permanent?


Actually you’re fine with your current installation. We sell the standard version through them, but the unlock procedure is a little different. Basically you’ll get an e-mail with a code you would then use to register on our site. You would select the regular version for Windows, insert the code to reduce the price to zero, and then continue with the registration process. You’ll then be sent the serial information used to unlock the demo. From that point on you’ll be continuing to use the software as if you’d purchased it direct.

So no need to reinstall or anything! Thanks for considering Scrivener.

That’s great. And thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate it.

This may be an obvious question but my trial is expiring soon and havent gotten a reply from Scrivener.
I have been using the trial and now want to purchase the program. Will the work I’ve done then, remain in the program or do I need to save/remove program/reinstall?

Welcome to the forum.

The trial is the full functioning program, when you purchase the licence will unlock your trial copy.

Also, I’m not seeing any help request emails from your email address.

If philwild’s note doesn’t answer all your questions, please use the email links at the bottom of our contact us page to submit a help request.

You should get an auto-reply from the servers confirming that the message was received and has been queued for our tech-support team.

Thank-you. I’ve only been using Scrivener for a short while and have lots to learn but I really like it!

And just to make that clear: Your work is never in Scrivener.

The projects are separate from the program. The Binder shows only the structure of one project at a time. You should check where you saved your projects to avoid future confusion.