Organisation of three parallel columns


My text is organized in three parallel columns. The ongoing story, organized in chapters … , is in the second / middle column. On the first and second column are depending on semantics additional information.They are intended to disrupt the reading flow and can contain additional words, remarks, explanations … They could refer to words, sentences or paragraphs. They are not normal footnotes.

What would be the optimal organisation within Scrivener?

Thanks in advance


Welcome to Scrivener, Hajo, and the forum.

No one’s answered your question, and so I’ll have a shot. I don’t think that you can do what you want very easily in Scrivener. Probably whatever software you use, you’ll need extensive tabling features if the task of writing your story isn’t to become time-consuming, and those are probably best provided by a “traditional” word processor. If Scrivener enters the process, it would be for drafting the words of the story in the middle column, and getting them right; you could then cut and paste them into your final layout app with its extensive table functionality, and add columns one and three.

Hello Hugh,

I am glad that I asked and you answered. This will spare me a lot of time.

I have used Scrivener in the past mainly as a tool to organize text snippets, remarks, comments for documentation. And Scrivener proved to be the right tool to reorganize information trees. (I write no fiction.) I still have problems with the layout sections, for the examples are oriented towards american book or article layout.

So I always did what you proposed: Copied the text into a normal text editor and finalized the layout.

Beside that my main idea with the three columns came from my dislike of footnotes, were you have to jump to the bottom of the page or even the end of the book to get the additional info. I want these comments or addendum clearly visible beside the main text, like handwritten comments in a book.

So thanks again and I will find my way around.