Organizing a world

I am very happy to have been able ton install successfully Scrivener on my GNU/Linux computer, as it seems to me it is exactly what I was looking for (even if I am a bit jealous of the features of Mac Version :wink: ).
I am working on a serie of crime stories during crusades, two of them already published (in French only for now). And I write also short texts and songs for the website, which are part of the same world, introducing other stories about my hero or more information about lesser characters of the novels.
I just wanted to know how other writers have organized themselves if they have a similar work. I use tags for places and characters for instance, and only one draft folder (with sub-folders for novels, and for each short story) for everything, to be able to find easily the appearance of a character from one book to another. But perhaps it is a wring idea on a long-time basis.

Not sure if this will help but in the project file I have for my fantasy book I have folders for the following:

~Characters (With folders for Main, Secondary, and Walk on.) In the folders I have sheets for each and photos that kinda look like them.
~Locations (Subdivided by ctiy) each has a write up on the city and images in the folder

Then I have a World building file and there is a folder for each of the scection of questions here. I also have a file for research for each area and then there is a master list with my answers to the questions. I also keep images in the files too.

Then there is the actual writing file which has folders for each chapter and then text files for each scene in the chapter.

It’s pretty common for authors to create “book folders” in the Draft folder, so that when they compile, they can just select one of those folders as the top level, just like you’re doing. This has the advantage of letting all of your books be part of the same project, which exposes them to searches, and keeps character, world building, and other research documents in the project as well.

There’s nothing really right or wrong with it; just whether or not it helps you write your next story set in that world.

You might want to check out the Collections feature to organize appearances by characters and locations in a single place. Great for continuity errors.

Thanks for your answers. I have started to use Keywords for places and characters for collections.
I would have been interested to add a simple text for each Collection, as I create one for each important character, and would like to have its descripting sheet as first page of the Collection (and photos for Important places with Keyword also)

I don’t know if you’ve found the case studies on the main Scrivener site but the case study by Monica McCarty ( … ca_mccarty) was invaluable and gave me many ideas for developing the separate research and novel projects for my South American independence series.

Of course for best results you need twin monitors and I’m still trying to work out how to manage that when the iPad version comes out :smiley:

If you want something to come up at the top of a search-based collection, that document has to be in the binder above any other files that will show up in a search; you can just move the folder with your character sheets up above the Draft folder. If you’re using keywords, just add that character’s keyword to his/her sheet.

Thanks a lot for the advice. I have put my General information folder on top, then my writing stuff, in sub-categories for novels, songs and/or short texts.
Everything is well organized like this :smiley:

As I have many characters (and it grows regularly), I will have quickly a huge list of Collections, based upon keyword saved searches with the character’s name.
Is there a way to have the list of collections automatically organized in an alphabetical way or should I do it manually ?