original interactive tutorial


After downloading Scrivener and installing it on my Windows laptop for a trial a couple of weeks ago I went straight for the interactive tutorial. Well, it didn’t take long for me to make a jumble out of it. Something to do with it being interactive, I suppose. Also I have butter fingers, you see, and now the sections and parts are all over the place, not in the right order anymore; some documents have changed titles while others found themselves in the trash bin. I even managed to ungroup a bunch of cards from the cork board that I cannot re-stack together. Btw, how do you re-group what you’ve ungrouped and what is the purpose of ungrouping anyway?

The long and the short of it: where can I get me a brand spanking new, unadulterated tutorial to reload in Scrivener?

Locate where the tutorial is saved on your hard drive (you were prompted for a location and a name for it when you first created it, just like any project). Close scrivener, send the entire .scriv folder for the tutorial project to the Windows Recycle Bin. Empty the bin for good measure. Then create a new tutorial from the template chooser window or if you have another project open, from Help->Interactive Tutorial.

Hope that helps!

Oh, and as far as “grouping” goes, it’s essentially a quick way to create a folder, name that folder, and move a selection of files and/or other folders into the newly created one. Ungrouping just moves files & folders up a level, out of the selected folder. More info can be found by searching for “ungroup” in the manual (found under Help->Scrivener Manual or in the Getting Started section of the template chooser, next to the Interactive Tutorial),


It worked. Thank you Robert.