Other hierarchical numbering schemes

I’m new to scrivener and I’m enjoying its focus on writing rather than on housekeeping tasks. However, I have a technical question about hierarchical part numbering. I realize that most users don’t use hierarchical numbering at all, and almost all of those who do will be very happy with the standard hierarchical numbering scheme that can be produced by incorporating the <$hn> placeholder tag into the prefix of a title in a layout. This is covered in the Scrivener manual and in other posts (search the forums for ‘hierarchical’). This prefix allows hierarchical numbering of the form
and so on. In this scheme, a title three layers deep might appear as
2.1.2 Dogs and Cats of the Presidency

I’m interested in a hierarchical numbering scheme that looks a bit different. It uses different types of characters at each level, so that the first level is represented by I, II, III, IV and the second by A,B,C,D and the third by 1,2,3,4, and it only prints the last character in the sequence. Translating from the standard scheme we get:
2 -> II and 2.3 -> C and 2.1.4 -> 4 and the example from the standard scheme above translates to
This kind of hierarchical scheme is standard in some professions. Is it possible to achieve this kind of scheme directly in Scrivener?

I realize that it’s possible to make uppercase roman numbers with <$R>, allowing I,II,III,IV; and uppercase letters with <$L>, allowing A,D,C,D; and standard arabic numerals with <$n>, allowing 1,2,3,4; but as far as I can tell, it’s not possible to mix these in a hierarchical scheme.

I need to export the project to Word and I can use some post-processing there as a workaround. For example, I can put ‘findme’ in the title prefix and then manually translate from the standard scheme to my scheme.

Have I missed anything?

thanks, J

If you choose Help > List of All Placeholders… you’ll get a window with a very thorough list of the available placeholders in Scrivener. I believe the placeholder you want is

Hope this helps!

Thank you Silverdragon.

This is exactly what I wanted!