Other public radio reporters out there?

Hi, new to the list, I’m a public radio reporter - falling in love with Scrivener for its ability to split screen, scan a log and insert quotes into my radio script.

Unlike ALMOST ALL of you, I’m not working on any long projects, but I do cover a particular beat, so I often go back to similar topic areas to see what I’ve written (and who I called). I love the relaxed feel and intuitive design and want to make it work as a platform for juggling multiple stories and ideas at varying stages of doneness.

Any other radio folks out there?

I just did a search for “radio” on here and found your post. Looks like it’s pretty quiet! I’ve used Scrivener in the past for thesis writing and organizing other projects and I’ve recently moved into the public radio world more and it came to mind again as a great way to organize my research as I work on stories. Would love to hear any of the ways you’ve tweaked Scrivener to fit your usage!

Its over two months since greg, posted. He may have stopped checking the thread. Why not drop him a PM. :wink:
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Good thought - may not have chosen to be notified when someone posts!