Outline order different than binder

I am using 3.15 for the first time for a big project. Am using outline to sketch out an argument in order. But the order in the binder is different than the order in the outline itself, which seems to be randomly assigning headings and subheadings. So in the attached screenshot. you see the two major headings “Civil Society” and “As communication scholars” as first than second in the binder but they are reversed in outline view. Further, doesn’t appear to be any way to move them other than in Binder, which, again, may (seemingly) randomly change the outline itself. Have never seen this behavior before, but maybe I’m missing something . This will be a long book outline, so I want to make sure it is working before I keep going. Thanks.

From the screenshot (thanks for that) it appears you’ve got the Outliner sorted by Title.

I’m on Windows Scriv, so I don’t have that capability and don’t know how to fix it, but I’d try clicking on the Title column header and see if that undoes it.


Thank you, that’s pretty dumb of me. Have never known of this specific feature. I just went back and read the manual and discovered that you can turn off sorting (which actually make sense, since outline order is rarely determined alphabetically). Didn’t know that and hadn’t had this problem before.

Another outliner question. Basically the same outline. When I drag sections within outliner they appear to be moving to a new spot, but then snap back to original. Also do not see section and subsection triangles. Again, suspect there is some obvious setting I am missing, but have searched forums and can’t find it. Thanks for any help.

You can’t reorder the outliner until it’s not sorted. Once you get sorting off, you’ll be able to reorder.

Hope this helps!

And the way you can tell if it’s sorted (aside from it being in a different order from the binder) is to look for the little ^ symbol near the right border of the Title header. If it or it’s reversed down-pointing symbol are there (reverse sort order) then it’s still being sorted. If it’s absent from all column headers, then the outline is unsorted.

Aside from the oddity of sorting by name (which some people do find useful), you can sort by any column that’s enabled in the outline view. You can sort by date modified, for instance, to see which documents were modified or created recently.

Thank you both very much. Such a great community.
Believe it or not I am a Scrivner user since the very first version! Slow learner, fast forgetter.

It’s easy for me to turn on sorting accidentally (a stray finger on my touch pad will do it!) and often results in a WTF moment. The first time I did this, it had me stymied for hours. Happy to help you past your first encounter with it. 8)

For some reason the order of content in the Outline View does not match the structure in the Binder. Binder, Scrivenings and Corkboard show all the content from the beginning. However my Outline begins 18 folders down from the start of the novel. I can’t figure out this behavior. I’m positioned at the start of the manuscript, yet the Outline view begins with the 19th folder.

Can we see a picture of that? If you click on the Manuscript folder (or any container), outline view should show the top-most items within that container.

Image is attached. COLLIDING PLANES is the name of the MS folder. “Marilyn Who?” is the first folder, followed by a bunch of others. But Outline starts with a folder entitled “A Long Strange Trip” and it is number 19 in the binder.

Okay - so I don’t know what caused the problem, but I saved and closed the project, then closed Scrivener and re-opened and now it is operating as it should. Thanks!!

As noted above, in the thread I’ve merged this question into, you have your titles alphabetised in A-Z order.

While restarting the software is certainly one way of clearing a sort, it will generally be a lot more efficient to click the heading of the column you are sorting by until sorting is cleared (just like you would in Finder, and most other table views).

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From the image it seems to be working correctly. @olonoff had (apparently inadvertently) sorted by document title in the Outliner. You can tell by the caret in the Title and Synopsis column header.



Good catch!

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thanks for pointing that out!

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Good advice, except in this case I had no idea that the view was “sorted.” In future, I hope to remember to notice that. It’s just a tiny caret that indicates it.

Well, when something looks or feel or is plain not right: that’s among the first things you’ll want to check.

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