outline settings lost continually

I keep losing outline settings. Every time, my elaborate outline (seven columns) gets lost after I switch the editor’s view (the one with the outline) to read a series of files. When I go back to the outline, the outline has gone back to the default setting with just name, label, and status. I have to set it up all over again.

What could be going on?

If you split the editor and load an outliner view into each split, do you see your columns in the other split? It could be you’ve been switching the split off that has your settings and so you end up with the default split.

Otherwise, I’d try resetting the UI settings for the project. Could be the file that stores that information is jammed.

Thanks for the suggestion to reset the UI settings. I didn’t know I could. I’ll try it later tonight.

Settings are carried in splits?

Yes, each split has its own display settings—you can use the left side with just the title & synopsis column for getting down thoughts and the right side with a bunch of columns for working with meta-data. Corkboard works that way as well for most settings.

What can be tricky is if you don’t know that and you close splits from the side that doesn’t have all of your settings, the one you closed from becomes the base outliner you use—until you split again.