Outline view not (yet) as good as MS Word

I’ve been tinkering with Scrivener for a couple of weeks. Mostly, it promises to knock the spots off MS Word as a writing tool. However, the Outline View is way too hard to use, especially if using a netbook.

Shifting entities to the correct place is a fiddle - needs Word style arrow buttons, and keyboard short cut.
Entities seem to carry their format with them, rather than have it defined by the level - if I decide to demote a chapter to a scene, I want the entity to be formatted accordingly; level should define format.
Right-click or F2 required to edit an entity title - if I’m at the brainstorming stage, I want - need - to be able to select an entity and just start typing.

CTRL+[ARROW KEYS] enables you to shift elements around easily.

(Or did I miss this in the earlier version).

Would still like to see the format coming from the rank in the tree, and controlled globally.