outline view

I’m confused about my outline view.

When I look at a template outline, the chapter headings have a colored font (blue) and are bold.
I’ve done my outline, but mine are all displaying in regular font. How do I make it so that my Parts and Chapters stand out as headings and sub-headings?

Choose the menu item Scrivener > Preferences. Click the Appearance button. Then click the Outliner button. Finally click the Colors button. You’ll have the opportunity to use the Mac standard color picker to set your group title colors.

Ok… but since I didn’t know this even existed, how did I disable it? Wouldn’t it have simply defaulted to the blue color, like the template does?

And also… it didn’t change a thing. What constitutes a heading, or a subheading? How do I create them when I’m outlining?

I would like it look like this (see attached) but mine does not

Never mind. I figured it out :slight_smile:

Hmmm. I figured most of it out, but I just realized that when I create a PDF of the outline, the color doesn’t show. It shows up in black.

How are you creating the PDF file?

The display settings are separate from the font used in your output document.


I’ve tried creating it two different ways. One, by simply selecting “print current document” when I’m on the outline view, and two, I’ve tried compiling the outline into a pdf. Either way, the colors didn’t carry over.

You would want to use the compile option in order to modify the formatting of the output. The simple print command is just that: simple. :slight_smile: It works fast and if it does what you need then great, but otherwise the compiler can do almost everything it does and then some.

  1. So from the compiler, you would probably want to start with the Outline Document compile format in the left sidebar. Right-click on it, and duplicate & edit it.
  2. Under Section Layouts you’ll see a few different outline styles; find the closest to what you want and duplicate it, by clicking the + button in the upper right corner. The “Title and Synopsis” Layout looks like a good place to start.
  3. Give it a name, “Blue Title and Synopsis” for example.
  4. Now you can do whatever you want to the formatting in the lower half. Click into the “Section Title” sample text for example and change the colour to blue, just like you would in the editor.
  5. Jump over to the Separators pane and make sure your new layout uses simple “Empty line” separators betweeen all sections (unless you really want a new page for each group).
  6. Click Save.
  7. Back in the compile overview area, click Assign Section Layouts….
  8. From your screenshot, you’re using ‘Section’ types for groups, and ‘Chapter’ type for text, so what you want to do is select the ‘Section’ Type in the left sidebar and then click on your newly created “Blue Title and Synopsis” preview tile.
  9. Click OK and compile.