Outliner and progress


in the outliner view there is a column with title “progress”, what I need to edit in order to show the % progress of a document ?


Click in the “Target” column and enter a value there. That lets you set the target number of words for that document and when you click out of that field, the Progress field will populate. Here’s a screenshot (some columns removed for clarity):


Note that it looks like if you’re entering a target for a container document (folder), the target is for the text at that level and not a total target for all of the text in sub-documents within the container. For example, I’m using a folder for each chapter in my novel; the folder itself contains nothing but the “CHAPTER $W” header, and then there are three text documents within the chapter container. I have to set the target on the actual text documents, not on the overall chapter (although that would be nice, wouldn’t it?)

Great !!

thank you for info.