Outliner and Synopsis

Sometimes, when I select Title AND SYNOPSIS, only some of the lines in the outliner show a synopsis, and all of them have one. But only sometimes. This happened right after I filled in metadata fields (the fields existed, but hadn’t been filled in). It’s almost like the program forgets to do what it’s been told. Click off “and synopsis,” click it back on, things work again. Should never have to do that.

Also, related to Synopsis, today I encountered what seemed to be misplaced synopses – that is, synopses written for different documents than the ones they’re aligned with in the layout. That seems ridiculous, because I know the synopsis is in synopsis.txt, in the folder associated with the document.

But programs can do screwy things sometimes. This happened with seven projects open at once, which might have caused some flaky behavior.

Has anyone else has encountered either of these?