Outliner empty in converted project under 2

The outliner view is empty in a project successfully imported from 1.x into 2. No documents show up in the outliner. Newly created documents do not show up.

New documents can be created while in the outliner, and a title and synopsis can be typed. However, once navigating away from the document’s synopsis, the title and synopsis disappear from the outliner, and the document does not show up.

A screenshot of the empty outliner is here. There should be multiple documents shown in this “Chapter 3” folder, but there are none. Synopses are set to be shown. The test synopsis seen at right for the file currently selected isn’t visible (neither are any other document).

Cork board and scrivenings views work as expected.

Are there definitely documents inside that “Chapter 3” folder to show up on the outliner? I can’t see from the screenshot.

I did have one beta user report something like this, but we could never reproduce it and it worked fine for him after he closed and reopened the project.

Take a look in the folder in the Finder where this project is stored - there should be a backup of the project still in 1.x format. Make a copy of it and try updating it again after quitting and restarting the program - do you get the same problem?

If so, could you please zip up and send me the 1.x project so that I can test it for myself?


Yes, every folder – a few dozen – has six or more files. None appear in the outliner.

Closing and reopening does not solve it. My solution, since I had to get working, was to create a new project and drag the folders from the original project to the new one. It didn’t happen in the newly created project.

Sorry, but I can’t send the original project to you.

I would treat the original project with utmost confidentiality and delete it as soon as I’d found a bug - but without a sample project this bug is going to linger in Scrivener, so I’d be very grateful if you would reconsider and zip up the project and send it my way. If you PM me I can give you my personal e-mail address so that no one else sees your project.

If you really don’t want me to see any of the contents of the project, you can completely mangle it like this:

  1. Make a copy of the messed-up project.

  2. Open the copy.

  3. Go to Edit > Find > Project Replace

  4. Use project replace several times, each time replacing a single letter with another single letter. By the end of that process, your entire text, synopses, titles and notes etc should be completely mangled and unreadable to anyone, but the bug should still be there. You could then send me this mangled project safe in the knowledge that it no longer contains any private information (you may wish to delete all keywords too).

I hope you’re able to do this, as I’d really like to squash this one.