Outliner Feature Request - views

I would like to add my 2 cents to the pot.

Using the outliner can be very useful.

What would make it a killer tool for me would be the ability to save different “views” with each view having a different set of columns or filtering in a different label or tag.

This would allow me to have a standard spreadsheet like view for looking at overall status

A timeline view for planning the order of events

Editing views showing only the outstanding editing work etc.

Other views with a limited scope.

Being able to set a custom view or choose between my previously created views would save a lot of time rebuilding the outliner view to suit different tasks during the development of my works

What are other people’s thoughts?

Aren’t those settings saved in the Window Layout? (Window > Layouts > Manage Layouts) :thinking:

ADD, make sure to check this option in the Layouts dialog:

Check out “12.3 Saved Layouts” in the (macOS) manual for more in-depth explanations.

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