Outliner Hang

In outliner if you highlight a text and then you adjust the size of the columns and then highlight a different text. the software hangs. Forcequit shows scrivener as not responding.
Kind regards - hatter61


Thanks for taking the time to report bugs. I can’t reproduce this. Can you provide more details, please? E.g. Steps to reproduce, the exact column you are resizing (might be a factor), whether this happens every time for you etc. Also, the crash report would be helpful.


P.S. I’ve split this post into its own topic, as new bugs should be reported in their own threads rather than in the post explaining how to post bugs.

Hi Keith

Can you delete posts? I’ve tried to replicate this, after many successful hangs? The bloody thing won’ t break now :slight_smile: I rebooted my machine and all seems well, really sorry to have wasted your time on this :blush: This is the first day of using scrivener, and i am getting the hand of it - Very intuitive and great response from its creator. (Who should be enjoying the sunshine and drinking a beer).

If it does happen again, I’ll let you know.

PS sorry about posting in the wrong place - never been on a forum before.

Kind regards


Hi Ken,

You can delete posts, but just because you haven’t been able to replicate this just yet doesn’t mean that there isn’t a but there, so you certainly haven’t wasted my time. It may be a minor memory bug - these can cause a crash to happen in a place not directly related to the original bug. In other words, it might have been something you did prior to clicking around in the outliner that triggered a bug that then set in and caused a crash whilst you were clicking in the outliner.

Anyway, if you do come across it again, be sure to let me know.

As for sitting in the sun and enjoying a beer - well, I’m about to go and sit in the sun, but I’ve drunk way too much beer this Bank Holiday weekend! (Hmm, but there is some Export in the fridge… Now you’ve planted an idea in my head.)

All the best,

P.S. No problem about posting in the wrong place, it’s easily done. :slight_smile: