Outliner not sortable in the Windows version?


I eventually discovered that the outliner is not sortable in the Windows version, which effectively makes the outliner useless. This isn’t so much a “wish list” request, but a request for a very, very basic feature. I’m working with hundreds of documents, and there’s currently no way to even sort by modified date so that I can see which documents I’ve most recently been working on.

So please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, consider adding this very necessary feature to Windows.

Scrivener’s outliner existed for years without sorting, before it was added to the Mac, and nobody considered it “useless”. Funny how that happens, no?

Meanwhile, please observe the wish list forum rules and do not post requests for features that are already on the to-do list:


So, because I’m the first one to raise this concern, it’s not valid? Sorry, your logic doesn’t follow. Regardless of past feedback (or lack thereof), I still contend that an outliner without sorting is of minimal value. This might be more pertinent to those of us whose projects include many (hundreds) of small documents, rather than fewer larger ones. Imagine Windows file explorer without the ability to sort folders of hundreds of files, and perhaps you can see the problem.

I don’t think you are the first person, nor did I imply so, or mention anything with regards to validity. You are claiming that anyone between the years of 2006 and 2010 found Scrivener’s Outliner feature without a single use or merit. You are claiming that every person today who uses the macOS version’s outliner without realising you can sort it (a great many by the way!) are getting no actual use out of it. :mrgreen:

We’ll get outliner columns sorted. It was in fact a close thing that we couldn’t implement it earlier. Were it not for a few critical bugs found in the existing framework, it might have already been done.