Outliner question

Hello, I have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to on the forum.

My question is about the outliner. For my novel projects, I use multiple levels of folders. There is the Manuscript at the very top, then folders for the four parts of the story, then folders for each chapter, and within those folders are the actual documents for my writing, from one to three documents per chapter folder. When I look at a “part” folder in the outliner, it shows me all of the chapter folders, each with a small triangle that I can click to view deeper into the nest. If I open up all of those folders with those small triangles in the outliner, then click to a different “part” folder and back, all of the triangles that I clicked open have now closed, and I have to do it all over again. Is there a way to get Scrivener to remember what folders I open in this way?

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.

Yeah, this is a known problem with the Outliner right now. It doesn’t remember the expansion state for enclosed items, so whenever you switch to another view they reset to default. We already have it on the list of things to fix; sorry for the inconvenience in the meanwhile.