Outliner Title Column Too Wide

When I first used the outliner, I thought it only displayed Title, then realized that the title column was simply uber-wide, wider than the full editor window.

I fixed this, but later it was too wide again.

Is there a solution to that?

I had this problem with 1.7.1, but it seems to have gone away in 1.7.2. I note your sig is still set to 1.7.1, maybe it’s just the sig that needs an upgrade though. :slight_smile:

No, the sig was right. I’m downloading the upgrade now.

It just happened again, and I am now using version 1.7.2.

The first column of the outline, “Title,” is exactly the width of the editor window, so that it appears as if that is the only column.

For me, once I dragged the width back down to something reasonable, that is when it was fixed. The problem I was having before is that this column would expand out sporadically (I could never quite figure out why). However once it does so, it actually writes that width into the INI file, so it’ll be that wide forever until you change it. What I’m hoping is that in 1.7.2 the flaw that causes the column to end up that way spontaneously is fixed.

If that’s what you’re seeing, let me know if you can narrow it down to a set of steps.

Today I used the outline after not using it for quite a while, and the title column was wide again, although it didn’t completely fill the editor space.

Things I’d done recently: resized the editor window, put an image in a synopsis, added new texts.

I opened the outline by selecting Manuscript, choosing outline mode, and individually opening the different Acts.

It just happened again. I can’t reproduce it, but I had been working on the timeline, and had the outline and the timeline open at the same time like this:


I then went back to viewing and editing some text documents with only one editor window open, then brought up the outiner, and the title column filled the entire editor window. I just confirmed that I am running v 1.7.2.


I have this on the bug list. It occurs the first time you load the outliner when you have custom meta-data fields in the project. Have you tried switching views and back, e.g. switch to corkboard and then back to outliner? That seems to resolve it for the session.

I don’t knowingly have any custom meta-data fields–didn’t even know what they were until now. When I choose Project/Meta-Data Settings, nothing is listed in the Custom Meta-Data box.

It happened again a few minutes ago. Next time I’ll try switching to the corkboard and back.

Mmm, you can also make this happen by viewing a single document in a group view mode, then loading a container and switching it from the corkboard to the outliner. You didn’t mention viewing the corkboard at all, though, so perhaps you have a different trigger–if so, and you can figure out what it is, please let us know!

I can’t reproduce it reliably, but this is what happened this morning:

I haven’t used the outliner for days.
I was editing a document.
I planned to do some outlining.
I clicked the outliner toolbar button, and the headings were seen and they were formatted correctly.
Since I was still editing the document, there was nothing under the headings.
I scrolled to the top of the binder, and clicked the Manuscript entry.
It switched to corkboard view.
I clicked on the Outliner toolbar button, and it showed the outliner, and the title column was too wide.

When I try to reproduce this, it does not switch to corkboard view, and the headings are still formatted correctly. Perhaps that tells you what’s going on?

Thanks, that sounds like the bug we’ve got filed, triggered by viewing the single doc in group view mode and then switching from corkboard to outliner for the container. I can reproduce that reliably, so I’m hopeful it will be enough for the developers to trace the problem.