Outliner trouble

I’m confused—

Yesterday, I was working within the outliner (viewing a folder and all its subdocuments, with the editor locked in place), and I was able to use standard binder shortcuts to add new text documents, to change the order and level of documents in the binder hierarchy…

Today I can’t do any of this!

Is there something I’m missing??

I notice that while previously (when all the above was possible), the binder levels were reflected in the outliner pane… but now they’re not…

I must have changed a setting without realising it, I’m guessing…

Can anyone help?

Using Version: on Windows 8.1


Also, adding a document via the binder doesn’t change anything in the outliner, so they no longer correspond to each other…

Something’s going a bit wrong, right?

Ok, panic over I think.

It seems like the problem came from getting to a view of the folder in the outliner via the Documents > Open > With All Subdocuments > On editor corkboard menu command.

Doing that, then going to outliner view, seems to leave me with a slightly frozen outliner.

But just clicking on the folder in the binder and accessing the outliner from there seems to work fine, and the outliner has all the functionality I referred to above.

It is a known issue that accessing the outliner in this way leads to sync issues between binder and outliner, and disabling of all those functions?


When you load a container using the Open > With All Subdocuments command, you’re forcing the contents to display as a flat list so they can all be seen on the corkboard. It’s essentially making a multiple selection of documents internally, the same as if you Ctrl-clicked arbitrary items in the binder to view them on the corkboad–this is reflected in the editor header, too, which will show “Multiple Selection” rather than the container name.

Switching the group view mode to Outliner retains the selection, so it’s still a flat list mult-selection when seen there. In this mode, items cannot be moved around in the editor because they’re taken out of context with no sense of the hierarchy, so Scrivener wouldn’t be able to place the item at the proper level.

Okeydoke—I’ve learned something new!
Many thanks