Output as Pleading Paper (25 lines per page)

Many courts - including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals - require that briefs, memoranda and other documents filed with the court be on “pleading paper”. Pleading paper has 25 lines per page, where each line is numbered (from 1-25) on every page. An example would be

1 Memorandum
3 COMES NOW, Litigant and informs the court that in his infinite wisdom the
4 court should do exactly what he tells them to do. In support of this Motion
5 To Do What I Tell You, Litigant offers the following suggestions in support:

Is there any way to structure the output from Scrivenor in a manner that would create this pleading paper? Often in Word Processing programs, the pleading indexes are watermarks or some variation, using headers, text boxes or other devices. If anyone has any ideas - or has tackled this problem - any input would be appreciated.