Overlapping shortcuts


This might be a bug, but I’ve been known to make mistakes, so maybe it’s just me…

Scriv has this super useful feature where you can assign shortcuts to character/paragraph formats.
The problem is that cmd+alt+5 still switches through binder objects, as does cmd+alt+6, even if you assign them a format. Also, cmd+alt+7 through 9 keep creating their own formatting, even if you assign them different ones in the formatting window.
I haven’t assigned any custom short cuts in the system preferences of my Mac.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help.

Hmm, I’m not recognising what you mean by “switches through binder objects”, and I can’t think of anything somewhat like those shortcuts that would do anything in the binder, or what behaviour is meant by switching (like using the arrow keys to go from one binder item to the next?).

Additionally what do you mean by 7 – 9 creating their own formatting? Although it wouldn’t explain the binder comment, are you in Scriptwriting mode by any chance? If so there are no style shortcuts, the same shortcuts are used to switch between scripting elements (what you see in the footer bar below the editor).

We may also be looking at a macOS 10.12 bug, where if the shortcut you use is invalid in the current context, the system will drop the Option modifier and fire off the shortcut without it. For example, if you press ⌥⌘1 while editing a synopsis in the Outliner, it is an invalid shortcut, so the Mac drops off the ⌥ key and mutates it into ⌘1—switching your view mode to Scrivenings.

That’s exactly what I meant; also, when I’m in Scrivenings mode, having the whole draft selected and the view locked (⌥⌘L) ⌥⌘5 jumps to single documents when I press the shortcut a second time - meaning even though the view is locked to show the whole draft, it displays only a single document . Though it doesn’t always. Sometimes it styles like it’s supposed to. I haven’t found a pattern yet.
It doesn’t have anything to do with the editing window not being selected, though.

⌥⌘7 makes the text align center; ⌥⌘8 makes it align left; ⌥⌘9 makes it align right. They don’t change which style is assigned (meaning the style name that is displayed in the formatting bar when you click into the paragraph), though, even if I have a custom named style linked to one of them.

Yeah, I noticed that. No, I’m not in Scriptwriting mode. Although the same phenomenon happens in that mode, too (with ⌥⌘7 through 9 not giving a formatting from the scripting elements menu but the alignments I mentioned above)

I’m running macOS 10.13.6

I hope my explanations make sense -.-

I wonder if some of this is down to differences in regional keyboard defaults. Do the 7, 8 and 9 shortcuts change alignment in TextEdit for example, or Pages? On my keyboard, the shortcuts for these are ⇧⌘[, ] and [b][/b]. Have a look in the Format ▸ Paragraph submenu and see which are assigned there. For me, the shortcuts I mentioned above are “Mac standard”. They work in almost every program that has paragraph alignment.

I can’t really explain the rest. ⌘4 acts like you describe ⌥⌘5 doing, though it always does it rather than only sometimes—and yes it will do so even when the editor is locked, because it is an editor command rather than a binder command (just like the history Back and Forward shortcuts still work).

In TextEdit they give the nice ‘can’t do that’ honk.

Ah, yes, that solves at least this part of the riddle. ⌥7 is |, ⌥8 is { and ⌥9 is }; add a ⌘ and you have ⌘|, ⌘{ and ⌘}, which are the shortcuts for text alignment in my German version of Scrivener…
Is there a way around this in Scrivener i.e. would it help to change the language settings (if yes, how do I do that?), or do I have to look at alternate keyboard layouts?

I think easiest way to fix that problem then is to reassign these conflicting alignment shortcuts to whatever it is TextEdit uses. That should then clear up the 7,8 and 9 keys for Scrivener to use for its own purposes.

Of course another approach is to not use our built-in keyboard shortcut feature and make your own in System Preferences. Since styles are in a predictable menu location, you can target them with Format ▸ Style ▸ Emphasis, for example. If you wanted to use styles instead of regular italics, you could put ⌘I on that one.

The shortcuts I mentioned above - ⌘|, ⌘I{, ⌘I} - are the ones that Scriverner uses out of the box for alignment.
TextEdit uses ⌘Ö, ⌘Ä and ⌘Ü for align left, center and right respectively, so there’s no conflict there.
Scrivener conflicts with itself.

I’ll try that, then. Where can I turn off Scrivs shortcuts?
EDIT: Found it in the handbook,

EDIT: I also found out what the 5 and 6 shortcuts do: They move forward/backward through the browseresque history feature.

Okay, my problem is now completely solved! Thank you for your help, AmberV! :slight_smile:

Ah, Back and Forward, yeah that would explain why it seemed to work in a “non-linear” fashion sometimes. :slight_smile: Glad it’s all sorted out then. The problem of finding shortcuts that work on every regional keyboard in a program that has a million shortcuts basically means we’re going to run into this now and then. Another one that comes up now and then is the Zoom In and Out shortcuts, which conflict with the Swedish layout if I recall correctly. So now we know to look out for this with German keyboards.