override font for comments in compile?

hello scriveners,
I use different fonts for my inspector footnotes and comment when I’m writing. When I compile , though, I want them to be in the same font as the main doc. I can do this easily for inspector footnotes by checking “override font” and selecting the font that I want. But I don’t see an option for that for Comments and Annotations.

What I want to do when I compile::

  • compile inspector comments as footnotes (different numbering system as the compiled inspector footnotes or just folded in to the footnote number sequence, I don’t care) (cld also compile them as endnotes if that’s the only way to do it)
  • have control over the font and especially the font size for these comments-turned-footnotes
  • do I have the option to include inline annotations in the compiled output? can I just compile them as they show up in the editor screen–ie boxed and in red?

Oh, I’m using Windows version 1.9.10 and compiling to Word.

thanks for helping!