Oversized MathType equations [RC5]

Something is wrong with the size of every MathType equations I create.
Their width is over the full paper width, resulting in oversized pixelated equations.

Since you are using RC5, if you want the developers to take note of this, it should be posted in the Beta Testing forum.



Got it. thank you!

I have had the same experience with over-sized MathType equations. Also, they display as bitmaps - it would be much nicer if they rendered properly using fonts etc (the same is true for Windows metafiles. I’ll do a separate post about that).

I’ll start with some text in Word and then show how it appears in Scrivener In Word it looks like this:
Mathtype_bug_img1.JPG. If I zoom-in, the appearance in Word stays “crisp”:

If I simply select this paragraph in Word and copy it into Scrivener, all the equations disappear and I get:

If I then do “Insert/Mathtype Equation” and type the main equation, it appears in Scrivener like this:
[sorry, the forum interface is not responding when I add a fourth image. I will post this and reply to it with more images].

Continuing from my last post.

I also found that having created the equation, most of the Scrivener menus (except Project and Documents) were greyed-out. It took some clicking to get them back. Should have taken a screenshot! - at the moment I cannot duplicate this.

Incidentally, does Scrivener have a setting for the font that MathType should use for new equations? In Word one can set a default equation font for each document:

I’m guessing that Scrivener looks to the global MathType default rather than saving its own preferences. That’s fine - what is more useful though is Word’s ability to re-format all the equations (maybe hundreds) in a document if one changes one’s mind about the font size:Mathtype_bug_img6.JPG

I’m not saying Scrivener should evolve into something like Word, just commenting that this can be a useful feature!

I came to this by accident looking for something else on the forum.

I am using version 3.1.5, and not any RC, and I get this issue. If my memory is correct, I get the problem if I compile to RTF and open that in Nisus Writer, but not if I open the RTF in MS Word. I cannot remember what happens if I open in LibreOffice, though all three word processors do different things to the formatting. If I have a problem, I open compiled Scrivener documents in a different one.

You should probably re-post this on the Mac Scrivener forum so that other Mac users see it more quickly – this is for the Windows version, and not even the beta/RC versions at that.