overwritten text, how I get the old Text back?


I just wanted to do two sheets out of one sheet in Scrivener.
But probably I have placed one part of the main text on the same sheet and not of a new one. Now I renamed this sheet, until I realized it. And I can not undo it. I´m really desperate! Can anybody help me further? I need the old sheet back with all Text, its a big part of my masterthesis.

thanks for every help


Fellow Scriv user here. Probably (hopefully) you have Scrivener’s backup function turned on, so that (depending on settings) Scrivener has been backing up your MA project each time you close it. This is one of those moments backups were made for! Best not to close your MA project (because you don’t really want a backup to happen just now).

You need to get to the latest backup of your project (Scriv>Prefs>Backup>Open Backups Folder…), open that and find the document as it was before you made your misstep. If the latest backup doesn’t have it, look into the previous one. Etc. When you find the good one, just grab that doc in the Binder of that backup proj and drag the document over and drop it into the Binder of your current project. Day saved!

Here is a suggestion for future reference about how to do what you wanted to do, but safely: It sounds to me like you created a new blank document in Scriv and then tried to use Cut and Paste to move part of the text of the existing document into the new one. To do this more safely, you should look at Scriv’s Split function, which safely splits one document into two (the cut happening wherever your cursor is in the starting doc). There is also a Join function which can put two docs back together.


I am trying to figure out how to open a backup since I lost a complete chapter when an error occur.

However the instructions on how to do that Scriv>Prefs>Backup>Open Backups Folder…), does not appear to be accurate in the Windows version of scrivener.

How can I open a backup of my files in the Windows version?

Sorry, Paul, I don’t know the answer to this, b/c I don’t use the Windows vers. You might want to post your question in the Win tech support section to draw someone’s attention who could offer guidance.


The windows equivalent of the Mac version’s Scrivener->Preferences menu is the menu Tools->Options (no idea why that’s different–I’ve never seen a consistent Windows menu location and name for Options/Preferences/Settings). From there, the window that pops up contains a similar Backup section and Open Backup Folder button.