Pacing Report

Hi Keith,

I don’t know whether you’ve ever considered it but it might be worth you running a simple survey to see who Scrivener owners are in terms of whether they are primarily story writers or not. I would guess that most are story writers but may well be wrong. I came across an idea on an on-line grammar checker called Autocrit (at $120 pa very expensive) which has the facility to run a Pacing Report to show where writing is slower paced. More information is here ( … stionid=16) but their report basically highlights introspection and backstory where verb tenses are different, and possibly passive writing too which is slower. They are understandably coy about revealing more but longer sentences produce slower writing too. Having such a facility in Scrivener would be very useful but I’m aware it would be possibly complex to write and take you more towards Grammar checking software such as Grammarian Pro and Editor (for Windows). I use both excellent applications but neither of them or any other stand alone application that I’m aware of has such a facility; they are not solely aimed at novelists. It would seem to be a facility that lies a little in no-man’s land. I’m testing Autocrit further but it doesn’t appear to offer anything else that Editor and Grammarian don’t already give me. What do you think of the idea? I think I already know your answer but it doesn’t harm to ask.
Keep up the great work. Counting the days till 2.0 comes out.