Padding/Spacing Between Text and Border?

Dear Friends: Hope you’re well. I’m wondering if one can increase the spacing (i.e., padding) between text and a border in Scapple. I thought there was, but I’m unable to figure it out. Thanks.

There is no official way of doing that, but if you open your .scap file in a plain-text editor, and search for the text, NoteXPadding. You will by default see the number “8.0” specified, which amounts to 8 points (pixels on low res monitors) of space. E.g. change it to 16.0 to double how much padding there would be between the note edge and interior text, for this document. There is no NoteYPadding in case you were wondering. This only modifies the horizontal axis padding.

Many thanks Amber for your prompt response and suggestion. Much appreciated.
Best wishes,