Page 1 on Page 2

I’m compiling a Title page followed by a four page document (chapter 1) and want to put in page numbers.

The problem is that the second page of the document (which is really the first page of the story and thus “page 1.”) reads “page 2” in the header. (The first page of the document: the title page, has no header, which is what I want.)

What I would like is to have no header on the title page nor the second page (the first actual page of the story) and have the third page of the document (the second page of the story after the title page and the first page) to read page “2”.

How do I do this?

Hope this makes sense.


Have you tweaked the settings arrowed in the image below?

[attachment=0]page numbers.png[/attachment]

Yes, thank you.

I toggled both of them on and off.

Right now I have moved my title page to “front matter,” which at least counts the first page of the story (2nd page of document) as page 1. However, Ideally, I’d like to not have any page number on the first page of the story (page 2) and start the page numbering in the header on page 2 of the story (page 3 of the document).

For now, it’ll do since I have to turn this in within the next hour. But for future submissions I’d like to figure this out.

Any help is much appreciated!!

The reason you needed to place the title page into “Front Matter” is that “Start regular header and footer on” was in all likelhood set to “Automatic”, which tells Scrivener to start the regular header and footer after anything added from the front matter folder. You could have changed “Automatic” to “Page 2” to change this without having to move the title page into the front matter folder.

Next, tick “No header on first page and pages following page breaks” in the “Header and Footer” tab. This will omit the header from any pages that occur after a page break, such as your chapter title page.

Thanks for the help KB,

I did what you wrote (removing my title page from the front matter and then following your instructions).

When I click the “no header on the first page and following page breaks” all the headers go away.
I know I don’t have page breaks between my pages only after the title page. So not sure what’s going on…