Page background tile

Wondering if there is a way to tile a lightweight background image into pages. Not something I’d normally do for most projects, but for a current personal one, it would be ideal. Any way to do it? I looked all around and preformed some Google Fu to no avail.

Any help appreciated!

There isn’t a way to do that for just one project, but you can apply a background texture to the paper area in the editor. In the Appearance preference pane, navigate to the “Page Background” colour setting within the “Editor” section. You’ll find a button that lets you choose a texture file, here.

Note this would be saved into an “Theme” preset, using the Manage button along the bottom of the Preferences window. So if you only wanted this some of the time, you could create two theme presets and switch between them.

That might do it. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!